Discover the Benefits of Kratom

Published Jan 13, 21
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What Are The Benefits (And Risks) Of Kratom?

The change that kratom has brought to my life can not be overstated. I have been using kratom to treat my lower back pain and anxiety problems. I was in a dark place in my life in 2014. My then girlfriend - now wife - was pregnant with my first child while she was fighting breast cancer and finishing her second masters degree.

The stereotype that has come to be associated with kratom does not describe me at all; nor do I believe it describes the vast majority of people who use kratom rather than addictive, lethal narcotics. Kratom is not a research chemical or synthetic drug; it is a natural plant. A plant that has many, many medical uses, with little to no side effects.

benefits of kratom for depression
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Army. I have been married for 11 years and have two children. I started using Kratom three years ago to manage pain. The VA prescribed Hydrocodone for the injuries I sustained while serving this country. At first I took the pills as prescribed and did ok. try kratom now. But my tolerance built up and I needed more medication.

When I found Kratom I was very skeptical. After the first week I stopped needing the pain pills and could see through the haze. I felt like I had my life back. When the ban goes into effect, Sept 30, I feel that my life will drastically change. As well as thousands of other people.

Kratom: Discover 10 Powerful Benefits Of This Plant

Just support the time that is deserved to research the herb and give the public a chance to comment. Thank you for your time. I'm a 39 year old Father of 4 and Husband to an amazing woman. I am a responsible adult consumer of Kratom which I take for a serious birth defect, Fibular Hemimelia.

Most tasks people take for granted...walking around Walmart, to the excruciatingly painful for me without round the clock pain medication. Because my pain Dr retired without warning, and other Dr's either put me on waiting lists or were too afraid to take me as a patient...because of the type and amount of pain medication I need...I was forced to practically quit taking my prescription meds cold turkey.

Best decision I ever made. For the first time in 11 years I finally felt like a functional, NORMAL adult. Banning this plant would not only punish me and the tens of thousands who use it...but our families as well. I have never been in trouble ever for anything to do with my medication or anything else at that.

My story is complete with pictures and promise you it is worth looking at. Please, contact me with questions you may have. - kratom powder..and you have my permission to do what you like with my story and pictures. If that helps our cause, I'm all for it. My story is at the following link: Pictures of my birth defect: Please sir...just a moment of your time.. (risks and benefits of kratom).and maybe you can have a better understanding of how Kratom helps those in chronic pain I am an amputee that battles with constant pain.

Five Health Benefits Of Using Kratom

I tried to get addiction help only to be turned away either due to insurance or other issues. I knew there had to be another way so through investigation online and after extensive research and reading testimonials from multiple Kratom users o knew I had found a way to finally achieve my goal of "Getting My Life Back" (benefits of malaysian kratom).

Not only did I kick the control (addiction) the Pharmaceutical companies manufactured drugs had on me but I found the same product (Kratom) helped with the sever pain I experience. I am a 43 year old mother of a 13 year old son. 11 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

I looked for alternatives for pain relief such as acupuncture and chiropractic care but I could not afford that so I took the prescription my doctor gave me for a months worth of hydrocodone which only cost me $1 - .20. It was like a miricle. I wasn't in pain anymore. I could function normally, play with my son, clean my house, grocery shop and do all the things I used to do before I was sick.

Then one month I ran out 1 day early and the pharmacy would not refill my prescription so I went into withdrawal for the first time ever. It was the most horrible feeling I've ever experienced. It's like having the flu times 100. I decided I never wanted to experience that again in my life so I started buying Tramadol on the internet and I became seriously addicted to it.

10 Lesser Known Health Benefits Of Kratom And Side Effects

This went on for a couple of years until I found kratom through a friend of mine. I decided to give it a try and I planned to give myself a month to taper off the meds with kratom - what are the benefits of green kratom. I ended up stopping the Tramadol after 3 days on kratom.

Kratom saved my life! Just like it has saved countless other people. I have been taking it for years with no adverse effects. I see my doctor regularly and have routine blood work done. My kidney and liver functions are perfect - . I don't get high off kratom. I don't crave it or need more and more of it to manage my pain.

I first started utilizing Kratom in February of 2015. Since my daughter was born, I've had a lot of lower back issues. Because of my size, very petite, my back bone and pelvis done began to separate. It's very painful - benefits of taking kratom. Of corse I was given opiate drugs for my pain.