Ultimate Guide to Kratom - Experience, Benefits, & Side Effects

Published Jan 13, 21
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Kratom: Myths, Effects, Risks, And How To Get Help

To think that I may loose everything I have worked so hard for over the last 7 years is just unimaginable. . When I was young I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression. At the age of 13 I had an assortment of pills that we tried to help curb my negative thoughts.

This period of time was followed by a long portion of time where I felt absolutely lost and helpless. My thoughts often turned to suicide, with a few (thankfully) failed attempts. About two years ago a friend of mine introduced me to Kratom. It became very clear that this was going to be a positive influence on my life.

I am now 26, and to compare my current self to my 24 year old self, I am much more mentally healthy, and much more aware of my own emotions and how to help myself be healthy - kratom powder. In addition to the help with my depression, Kratom also helps with my social anxiety.

I associate my growth of friends and personal connections to Kratom. Furthermore, as a student my academic career has changed drastically since taking Kratom. I went from being a C-D student to being an A-B (some times Cs) student. Kratom gave me the tools to figure out the best way to study, learn, and apply my intelligence in the progression to a degree.

I think my healthy habits might slip into my old unhealthy ones, and I will strain to maintain my relationships with my friends. I am a 39 year old mother of 7. I have been utilizing kratom for four months now - . In 2012 my youngest child passed away from bacterial meningitis.

Kratom Benefits Are More Important Than Ever

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I was a grieving, suicidal mess for five years. I also was living in physical pain from fibro, Ehlers-Danlow Syndrome, arthritis, HPV, and HSV. Addicted to Norco, oxys, and fioricet I couldn't grieve in a constructive, nondestructive manner without causing harm to myself or others. Four months ago I was desperate for a change or die.

I was hesitant but eventually tried it. She was more right than I could ever hope (). The clouds of grief and pain were lifted the first day and I said goodbye to opiates and barbiturates. The past four months I found my will to not only live but to LOVE.

This is all due to the benefits of one plant. . Do I still have grief and pain? Yes. Does kratom help? YES! I was addicted to pharmaceuticals and street drugs for almost 20 years. My addiction to pain medication started with a legitimate issue after a horrible car accident that I was in (on an interstate at 70mph).

The last time I relapsed I fell harder and faster than I ever had before. I got kicked out of detox and ended up calling and literally begging them to take me back, telling them that if they did, they would without doubt be, saving my life. They let me check back in the facility.

I was withdrawing from the poison that I was on while in their hands and I couldn't function in the rehab facility that I decided to go in (health benefits of maeng da kratom). I had my husband pick me up and bring me home. I was so sick that I couldn't take care of all of my responsibilities that were home waiting for me (3 daughters, an amazing husband, 3 dogs and a house to care for).

Health Benefits Of Kratom For The Homestead Life

My husband and I decided that it would be a good alternative to suboxone or methadone. I purchased some from a reputable online vendor who lab tests their product for contaminants and alkaloid content. Within 15 minutes of taking Kratom for the first time, my legs were no longer restless. - ..

I had no aches or chills and my mood was really amazing. I felt grateful for everything in my life and for the first time in forever, I felt like everything was going to be okay. After about a week, I had my energy back and was able to fully take care of my family and my home.

I have been completely sober for 545 days today, and I can't say that I would be where I'm at if it wasn't for this plant. Since I started taking Kratom, I have achieved so much... I went back to school to study psychology and addiction, maintaining a 4.0 GPA...

I also have several people whom I mentor in their recovery. . I have become an inspiration these people and it is nothing short of a blessing. Of all of the things I have acheived since I started taking kratom, I have most importantly become the mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend that the people that love me deserve I originally came down to florida as a broken 17 year old herion/ prescription pill addict.

I was alone and i couldnt stop doing herion for the life of me (great kratom to buy). Ive seen what lethal street drugs do to people. I am now a 24 year old man. That pays his bills on time, has a car in my own name. Has his familys support and so many other blessings.